Bless You!

This particular morning, I was grateful that I was willing just to let go and just be.  Some days, it’s challenging just to let it all go—what people think, what I
look like, how she interpreted my response
and paying bills.  It was liberating this
morning to let it all go. 

During meditation, I promised myself that I would try my absolute
best to focus on the Divine Presence this entire day, every minute and every
second.  I didn’t want to think, but I
wanted to give of myself completely.  So,
my question was, “How can I give more on this day?” 
So, as I sat in the cubicle, in a room of solitude, grading papers for my English Composition class, I
heard one male voice greeting me.  I returned the greeting.  I saw
him walk out of the office.  If I stood,
I could see the top of someone’s head,
but I remained focused on my work.  I
thought I was alone, and I was so engaged in reading and correcting students’
papers that I almost didn’t hear the person, who appeared to be coughing or
sneezing, sitting across the aisle on the opposite side of the cubicles. I
said, “Bless You,” without waiting for a response from him.
After about 15 minutes, I was startled by another male
professor.  He said, “I didn’t mean to
scare you.”  I said, “I thought I was
alone in here.” He asked, “Were you the one who said, “Bless you?”  Hurried to get back to my work so I could
finish before my deadline, I nodded.  He
My name is…,
and I just want you to know that I had gotten something stuck in my throat, and
it had cut off my breathing.  I couldn’t
yell, and I didn’t know anyone else was here. 
I was terrified that no one would
be able to help me, so I panicked and was afraid to walk.  I tried and tried to remove the food, but it
was stuck.  I felt myself feeling faint,
so I made another attempt to cough it out. 
 That is when I heard a quick and
precise, “Bless you.”  I felt at peace
after I heard your voice, and I relaxed and thanked
God for being here with me.  I tried to
take a deep breath, and the food popped out.” 
I was shocked that all of this was going on, and I was right on
the other side of the aisle (there are two aisles with cubicles lining on both
sides).  The
professor said, “You just don’t know how much you helped me.  You saved my life.”  I said, “Oh no, it was that greater than me,
and by grace, God used my voice because I wasn’t even paying attention to know
if you were coughing, sneezing, or choking, but my heart is always open and sincere, at least I try.”
He grabbed my left hand with both of his hands and said, “Thank
you for allowing God to use you.”
The professor walked away, and I was just in a place of humility,
gratitude, enthusiasm, and peace.  Then I
repeated the words I had said to Divine Presence early that morning, “How can I
give more on this day?”
I thought no more of it because I knew that Divine Presence is
always right where I am and where you are. 
We need just to know this, and God
will always respond.
Light and Love to all of you!
Vickie Mujahid

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