“Chit”– Snap out of it!

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My daughter, Jannah, loves to watch Cesar Millan’s show, Cesar 911. One Friday night, Jannah said, “Mom, you have to watch this show with me.  It’s amazing to see how Cesar trains dogs.”  I wasn’t a bit interested, but in pursuit of spending a little quality time with her, I opted to watch it.  That night, I looked at that episode and three additional recorded ones on the DVR.  I wasn’t sure what I liked about the show at first, but then I latched onto the word, “energy,” which he used multiple times in one episode.  The underlining theme was always about how dogs act according to the energy that their owners project.  If this particular owner wanted his dog to be calm instead of unruly, then he had to exude calmness himself and expect peace from his adorable pooch.

Cesar snapped his fingers and made a distinct sound that snapped his dog’s brain out of his current behavior.  The pet owner was amazed at the level of calmness his pet obtained within minutes after Cesar used his instructional sound of “chit” to calm his dog, simultaneously using his foot to slightly tap the dog’s stomach. 
This behavioral correction that Cesar uses to snap dogs out of their current state made me think about a scene I saw on television the night before.  A woman who was hysterical based on what she thought was happening wouldn’t calm down, so someone slapped her face, pulling her from her state of panic.  Although I think I need a real slap in the face sometimes to snap me out of all the negativity and lies my mind conjures up, I thought the “chit” sound with a snap of my fingers would suffice in snapping my ego out of ranting and repeatedly raving about what happened, what could go wrong, and projecting illusions into the future, allowing my body to experience these events as if they were actually happening!
As always, and the very next day after looking at Cesar 911, I had the opportunity to try my new “snapping-out-of-it” technique.  Negation, doubt, worry, and fear, like a thief in the night, crept up on me, pushing me into a silent panic. The warmth that covered my body followed by a chill made me aware that those negative thoughts had already been flooding my brain before I could recognize them.  I took a deep breath and looked at each thought one by one.  Before I could complete one coherent thought, here comes another one.  I realized, as I’ve done previously, I AM witnessing all of these thought forms; I AM seeing them as if I were watching a scene on a television show.  I snapped my fingers and said, “Chit.” I did it twice more until I was able to quiet my ego enough so that I can hear and feel what is real and genuine about me:  I am perfect, whole, and complete.  The distance grew between me and the negative thoughts the more I said those words. In fact, creating that space between me–I AM–made me pay attention to that space.  It was silence, and it was peace. My body felt light, and I felt expanded without any limits.  It was brief, but I felt serenity.  
“Chit” There is no need to feel unworthiness.  You are worthy, and you are loved and loving.

“Chit” No one is mad at you or think that you are anything.  Stop it.  All is well.

“Chit” There isn’t any lack or limitations in your life.  You come from abundance; you live in abundance; you are stronger than you can imagine.  Know that you are, and you shall be. 
Whatever it takes for you to return to your truth, which is that you are perfect, whole and complete and that you are a powerful being with unconditional love, peace, joy, potential, and abundance.  Feel love because that’s what you are and stay grateful always by celebrating everything you can in life, and in that feeling tone, accept all the beauty and peace you can hold.  

When I began writing this post several months ago, I dared not count the number of times I had to “snap” my brain out of being paralyzed with fear.  Now, I’m focusing on how deep I can live in quietness and how much my soul can listen to the beauty, wisdom, and love that are forever flowing, just be creating space between me and my mind chatter.  After all, we are not our thoughts.  Like all things in this Universe, thoughts are just energy, and we do not have to download and digest them.  Peace and sweet blessings!

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