“Hit and Hug”

I thought it had only been a couple of days of
missing my daily quiet time of reading and meditation until I took a scan
in my mind.  I realized it had been several days, almost a week and a half
where I rushed out of the door getting somewhere while busting at the seams
with anxiety. I thought to myself, “Oh, no–this is not going to
work.  I love feeling my ONENESS with Source.”
No wonder my dad told me to slow down while I was driving
him to the grocery store. I tend to drive not as smoothly when I am
anxious. I had reassured him that I was going slowly, and I was a
careful driver.  He’s just been idle too long sleeping on and off
daily in his “lazy” chair. 
After my self-realization that I had gone
days without meditation and prayer, this particular day I set my alarm to
ensure that I would engage in my communion with Divine Presence, and afterward,
I felt rejuvenated.  The night before, I listened to Rev. Michael Beckwith
during Agape’s Service about “staying tuned.”  I love when I pay
attention to confirmations! I repeated the words several times as I walked
out of my door for the day, “Stay tuned, Vickie. Stay tuned.”
Well, on a long stretch of land where traffic is heavy
during the morning, I drove 70 miles per hour while taking my daughter,
Jannah, to school on a 65-mile-per-hour road until I came to a stop
light.  My daughter reminded me that I needed to write her a letter for
school.  I wrote it quickly while stopped at the red light, and then the
light turned green.  I handed her the pen and paper and proceeded to drive
when I looked down briefly for a couple of seconds to see where the pen had
dropped. I looked up, and the car in front had completely
stopped. I ran into the back of his Ford Mustang, an older car,
but still a nice car.
Immediately, the anxiety rushed from my
ankles to my hands, my ears, and my head.  I took a deep breath,
held back my tears and fear, and said, “Stay tuned.”  I
asked Jannah if she was okay; she nodded her head with a
“yes.” I got out of my car to make sure the driver wasn’t
hurt.  He was all right. When he got out of his car, I was shocked
how much smaller he appeared than he did while sitting in his vehicle. 
His light brown beard reached just below his neck; his thick mustache covered
his thin lips, and his eyes appeared as if he were squinting through a peep
hole.  I noticed his boots untied and his pants slightly dirty.  But
what caught my attention is that he had a bulge in his left cheek.  As he
moved his mouth around, it reminded me of my great uncle who use to sit on his
porch and chew tobacco
He said he would call the police, and I said I would call my
job. “Stay tuned, Vickie.”  I got back in my car to get my
phone, but before I dialed the numbers to my job, I got out of the
car and asked Kendall his name.  He answered, and I addressed him by
saying, “Kendall, I’m Vickie, and I don’t want a ticket, but I
want to make sure that we repair your car and that you are not hurt. Can we
handle this without the police?”

He spits brown saliva from the
tobacco out of his mouth, and said, “I don’t have to call
the police; I thought that you wanted me to call them.”  But, your car has a dent in it.”  “It’s
fine, he said, I have a buddy who owns an auto body shop, and he can fix

“Well, here is my insurance
information, I said.”  “I don’t need it.  I just want to
make sure your kid is fine.”  I took a deep breath and said, “She is doing fine, and we
both are okay.”  Kendall  said, “Well, that’s all we need to
do.”  I took a deep breath, and said, “Thank you, Kendall. 
Can I give you a hug?”  He said, “Sure.”

So, here we are a White male with a thick, long beard
wearing a Confederate baseball cap, chewing tobacco and a Black female
with long hair locks wearing high heel shoes, hugging tightly on the side
of a highway.  As I walked back to my car, I looked at the new set of
people in their cars now at that same red light where Kendall and I had stopped
minutes before.  Of course, they were looking at us strangely. 
Because their windows were down, I yelled to a female and man in the car
closest to my car, “I got a hug for hitting him.”
I am so grateful for “staying tuned,” listening,
praying, meditating and knowing that all of my needs are always met, knowing
how to remove anxiety and to slow down when driving.  I am here to LOVE
the world!  I FEEL it!  And I’m having a blast doing it!

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