How I Hug God

My daughter, Jannah, and her friend
Sometime ago, I envisioned myself hugging a room full of
people, one by one.  Then I felt the need
to hug everyone I came in contact with, rather in a room or out in the public.  After I completed my meditation session, I
thought, “People are not open to complete strangers hugging them.”  Just like that, I talked myself out of it
through my thinking because I was afraid of rejection, even though I had that deep desire.  I decided to just go with the flow and be available
to the possibility of people accepting hugs from me.
Today, I trace all of the people I have hugged and thought
about how natural and genuine it felt after just meeting and talking with them for a short
period of time.  During random conversations a few times with “strangers” in a public place, I said,
“Can I just give you a hug?”  Before I
can finish my question, we were hugging. I realize that there will come a time
when I will hug people just to be hugging them.  I am open to it now.  It’s amazing how if we just give a little
opening to our hearts, God will do the rest. 

After meditating today, I realize that when I hug you, I am
hugging God.  God works with us by working
through us.  Every day, we are hugged by
someone; that’s God hugging us.  Every day,
someone touches our hand or our back, and we feel her support and her
love.  Every day, people show us that
they recognize the beauty in us that’s in them by smiling with us; this is how
we are hugged by Divine Presence.

The movement of love is forever flourishing.  I invite you to recognize it with me by practicing
to “hug” someone daily, and don’t forget about the people you may not know
well or don’t know at all; because when we hug each other, we are exchanging the
love of God—that phenomenal energy that elevates us to the unlimited capabilities and infinite capacities that are housed within us all.  I
read today in Mary Manin Morrissey’s book, Building
Your Field of Dreams
There’s an old story about a
nine-year-old boy who was the Keeper of the Seal under King Louis IV.  The boy was reverted as having great mystical
powers, and one day the king went to him in the hope of finding out something that
mattered greatly to him. “I will give you an orange,” said the king, “if you
can tell me where I can find God.”
The Keeper of the Seal gazed at him
for a moment and then responded, “I will give you two oranges if you can tell
me where God is not.”

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