Many ways to Give

One of the things that I’m getting used to here in Houston, at least where I am, is the number of people who are standing on the corners and under the freeways holding signs, such as “need food” or “need money.” Frankly, I hadn’t seen much of it where I lived outside of Atlanta. I’m finally at peace with giving my attention, my heart, money, and prayer–it’s usually one or the other. I no longer feel that I always need to give money. I give smiles, and I uplift and encourage people.

This morning, I was waiting for a red light to change green, and there I saw a man standing on the island between two roads eating something. I noticed the trash around him on the ground. Once he finished eating his food, he tossed the food wrapper to the ground and picked up his sign, “need money.” I do not like pollution. So, as I started immediately judging him, he began his stroll up and down the island, coming right in front of my window. Within seconds, I grabbed my wallet, and of course, he stopped. I said, “If I promise to give you this dollar bill, will you promise to pick up all of your trash and throw it in that garbage can across the street?” He said, “I promise.” And I said, “Please don’t pollute.” He said, “Okay.”

I looked in my rearview mirror and saw him picking up the trash. Thank God!

Peace and Blessings!

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