Take up Space – Live Big

Welcome to my new home! Since it’s been a few years, I know it’s now time for me to begin writing my way back into a place where peace resides deep in my heart. I have so much to unravel.

I left my former home, Operation You at Blogspot, so that I can follow my vision, and you will see more of my vision in this sacred space of peace as time goes on. Before I began blogging again, I had to find the right person, right time, and the right direction for my website and my blog.

Thank you, Jamal Alexander, at Graphic Shop Online Advertising, for the gathering of my fragmented pieces and placing them into one location!

I’m grateful now because all I can think and feel is the word “love” and its healing power that can’t be denied in all facets of life. With all of the paradigm shifts happening in the United States and around the world, I know that love is the fabric that will continue to move humanity in the right direction. I aim to be a part of the rising consciousness that’s driving change and to live big and bold–taking up lots of space, unapologetically. I hope you join me.

It is my intention to allow every word I write, every action I take, and every topic that I choose (no matter how difficult) to be the catalyst to uplifting, encouraging, and loving the world!

I invite you to post your comments and your questions, and I invite you to share how you are taking up space and living your BIG life.

Thank you for visiting, and I can’t wait to meet all of you.

Vickie Mujahid

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