Live in Confidence

September 24, 2012, I wrote in my journal:  “The confidence I thought I lacked was only my ego saying, ‘No.’ Saying no to confidence ensured me that I will not go beyond my comfort zone.” 
As I think about so many of the friends and family members in my life, I wonder how can I truly show how much I love them–how much gratitude fills every inch of my body when I think of them.  Recently during prayer, I tapped into the Oneness–the communion with such a powerful and intertwining rope of love that all I wanted to do is share it with the world.  I then decided to see the light. This light filled my body, then the room, and then my house.  You see, this light was and is always shining; I just tapped into it by feeling the beauty that I AM.  So, I thought, “If I can see the light where I AM and can see it as far as my heart, mind, and soul will take me, which is infinitely available, then I know I can see it in and around my friends and family.”  I shared this light with every person and everything that came to my mind.  Then I realized, I am showing love–the love of Divine Presence–with all of my friends, associates, and family members without saying anything.
Isn’t that remarkable?  We have the ability to just think and feel grace for ourselves and others, knowing that same grace is so ever present, forever.
Confidence is letting your light shine, and if you don’t know how to do this, think about the things that would make you feel at peace, in love, and with joy, then see those same things for others.  This light, the same light you reflect, is returning to you.  That’s the power of the Universe.  Don’t be afraid to walk in confidence because it is how you and I have the ability, the courage, and the strength to walk in grace, in love, and in humility.  These are the attributes of God that’s always here, always moving, always presenting opportunities for us to deny self–the ego–in order to embrace the truth.  The truth is life is always GOOD, and you are life!  So, live in confidence.

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