About Me

I AM peace, love, beauty, intelligence, joy, creativity, and prosperous. I am here to create unique and exceptional stories that will contribute to the rise of consciousness. I am a writer; I am an educator; I am a storyteller. So, kick back, and I invite you to get to know me through my bio.

Bio: Victoria Mujahid

Houston’s premier creative writer, Victoria Mujahid, has a passion for writing and a hunger to create rich stories that will satisfy her readers as if they were to eating a well-prepared good-ole fashion meal! Victoria’s family and friends call her Vickie, the name she heard growing up as a child.

Vickie was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her tightly-knit family conquers adversity with love and forgiveness, and Vickie automatically calls forward these qualities throughout her life. Soon after her high-school graduation, she attended Bradford Business School where she learned administrative skills that enabled her to establish a great livelihood for the next twenty-five years. After working in Corporate America for over twenty years, Vickie decided to apply all of her writing experience to something more meaningful. To this, she became a freelance writer and English Professor.

Vickie earned her Bachelor of Science in Communications at Kennesaw State University, specializing in public relations while working at The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP). Achieving this goal has helped her to provide writing support for high-level executives.
Vickie’s corporate writing experience includes articles – communication reports – web-content development – public relations campaigns – email campaigns -– sales and marketing documents – newsletters – presentations – technical and training manuals. Vickie’s hard work and diligence were recognized; she obtained one of the hardest and highest achievements an employee can receive at Hewlett-Packard: Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award. She earned her Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the same college, Kennesaw State University. Vickie’s level of commitment, dedication, and positivity elevates her to see the greatness in others and in herself.

These characteristics have allowed her to excel at teaching and elevating students to see their incredible potentiality. Vickie has volunteered at The Afghan Women’s Writing Project, mentoring women on how to write, and she volunteered at local schools inspiring and encouraging students to become excellent readers, writers, and critical thinkers. Giving back is important because it reminds her of what she has already accomplished, and she is grateful. She is currently writing two novels: Stone Cold Secrets and 412 Paulson Avenue. They are both expected to be released in Spring 2022.

Vickie has an inspirational blog where she discusses relevant topics that is prevalent today, including mental, spiritual, and physical health, prayer, meditation, and a raw diet. For playtime, she loves to dance, read, write, spend time with her family, and meditate. She has one daughter, three step-sons, and a fantastic, loving husband. It is Vickie’s passion to sit on the window sill of life recording ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and she understands, now, that her calling in life is to uplift others through her writing.